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my offerings:

plant medicine integration

Rooted care & support for your ceremonial
preparation & post-ceremony integration

Rooted care & support for your ceremonial preparation & post-ceremony integration

becoming the landscape mentorship program

A six-month archetypal journey of deep listening
to reawaken your innate creaturehood
& ignite your creative impulse to serve the world

A six-month archetypal journey of deep listening to reawaken your innate creaturehood & ignite your creative impulse to serve the world

Also available in a 3-month format!

emerging consciousness coaching

Spiritual strategy & support for your greatest
transpersonal & existential inquiries

Spiritual strategy & support for your greatest transpersonal & existential inquiries

Here's what you can expect:

  • We’ll meet 1-on-1 over Zoom or in person if you live near Aix-en-Provence in France
  • Heart-expanding, mind-altering sessions that have built-in temporal buffer zones so conversations can find their natural end; you’ll never get cut off in the middle of an info dump or vulnerable share
  • Trauma-informed somatic & sonic practices to support your capacity for presencing
  • Rooted mental frameworks to help you draw your own map through human mythos & timeless, borderless cultural expressions
  • Lots of playful humor, creativity, & silliness because this life is WILD
  • Gentle awakening to the animist & apocalyptic already within you
  • Where appropriate, deep dives into neuroscience, consciousness studies, spiritual traditions, cultural practices, & movement building
  • Follow-up support via Voxer or email; I won’t leave you hanging!

the three foundations

Our work together, no matter the container, is built upon deep listening, creaturehood, & movement.

Deep Listening

Deep listening is a practice that returns us to the source material of all creation: energy, matter, and awareness. Through this full-body experience, we reshape our identity & belong ourselves back to the earth.


Before our minds were polluted with language & morality, we were born free on a planet that provides everything we need to live a beautiful life. We prioritize & reinforce our kinship with all creatures.


We take action from a deeply coherent place. New cultural reflexes emerge organically with ease. No longer effortful, changes arrive & simply “make sense” through the coherent cultural body.

Hi! 👋🏽
I'm heather love

I’m a lifelong musician, educator, and child of earth. Most of my life has been dedicated to understanding the human condition through the realms of music, ecstatic spiritual experience, and the body. I believe deeply in the self-determination of all species and live my life in a constant flow of compassion & inquiry for all us creatures doing our best here on earth.

Most recently, I’ve earned a certification in Plant Medicine Integration Coaching (through the Plant Spirit School) and in Integral Sound Healing (through Svaram in Auroville, for whom I’ve also served as faculty). I also hold a Master’s of Arts in Music from the University of California at Berkeley where I researched the neurological underpinnings of communal music-making for individual, interpersonal, and collective healing.

I’m so glad you’re here to join me for the journey onward! You can read more about my story in music & culture, brains & creatures, by clicking below.


One of the seminal experiences of my life was serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali. Living in a small, rural village for two years without running water or electricity confirmed for me so many of my suspicions from childhood. Specifically, that participating in a healthy society is deeply fulfilling, that paying attention to the earth is immediately satisfying, and that living with less is a relief. The hell of malnutrition and encroaching desertification is very real. But the joy of each other’s company is somehow more real.

My graduate research in ethnomusicology at UC Berkeley centered on connecting emerging neuroscientific research with studies on how communal music making is used to create & maintain social cohesion—especially in the face of individual & collective upheaval. I wasn’t so much hoping to discover something new, as I was trying to prove to the keepers of this society what I intuitively knew about the importance of music & sound, and how our atrophied or numbed-out sensitivities to vibration is a major contributing factor to the deterioration of modern society.

These two experiences (among so many others) have given me much to consider about the systems in which we work, and how restrictive and oppressive they are to one’s true nature.

I started asking less of the world and returned to what I love: Listening. Wandering. Music making. Savoring my creaturehood. The exile I’d felt in human society began to soften as I returned to a more holistic existence within my ecosystem.

As I found my voice—the one without the anger—I began using it to speak out about the kind of world I want to live in. Through community organizing & advocacy work, I found that many others had been feeling the same but were lacking the words and cultural practices to articulate those feelings. How do we invent those words? How do we create the culture we all want but can’t see? All of this, of course, heightened by the emerging evidence that the climate was about to spiral out of control.

One pandemic later, and here we are 😃

I currently live in the South of France where I listen to magpies and Mistrals, work as a mentor for changemakers (like you!), write pretty love songs to the earth, teach deep listening, and advocate for the integrative support of climate refugees.

The challenges we face are enormous, it’s true. But we have each other, and we’re not so far away from earth that we won’t be able to feel our way back home. I can’t wait to meet you and learn all about the earthly gifts you’re bringing into the world!

I love you, keep going 🌱

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